Easy Tofu & Broccoli Stir-Fry

by Niulife / Liaken Richie

We adore this simple stir fry by vegan Instagram influencer @LaikenRichelle. Laiken has taken the traditional Asian stir-fry to the moon with a flavour hit from our Teriyaki Cocomino sauce. This plant based recipe is the perfect packed lunch! This easy tofu & broccoli stir-fry is also allergen friendly for ceoeliacs, lactose intolerant, and those with nut allergies - meaning your lunch is not only a healthy decision for you & your body but also a SAFE food choice for office and school environments. We recommend doubling ingredients to prepare as multiple ready-made meals to power you and your family through the week. 

Serves 2

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Lactose & Nut Intolerant & Coeliacs.


Stir fry:
1 head of broccoli florets
1 packet of marinated* tofu
Nuilife Teriyaki Cocomino Sauce
1 tbsp minced garlic
2 tsp of Niulife Coconut Oil

Sesame seeds

Flat rice noodles
1 tbsp beef style stock (Laiken use's a vegan friendly powder by Massel)


1.Prepare noodles in water as per packet instructions, and add vegan beef stock.

2. Heat a pan on medium heat, adding oil and garlic, stirring until heated.

3. Add broccoli florets and tofu and a drizzle of Niulife Teriyaki Cocominos, tossing until broccoli has lightly softened and cooked to your preference.

4. Serve stir fried broccoli & tofu on top of the noodles and top with sesame seeds (optional).

Purchase Niulife Teriyaki Cocomino Sauce

Purchase Niulife Coconut Oil

*Laiken recommends that any store bought marinated tofu that appeals and aligns with dietary requirements can be used in this recipe.