Going Loco for Cocominos!

by Niulife

What are Cocominos? Our organic Cocomino sauces are handmade from the blossom nectar of freshly picked coconuts. The nectar is then combined with sea salt, fermented and barrel-aged in order to form a brown liquid with a deep sweet-savoury flavour. They are a great alternative to soy sauce, with a taste very similar, and contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Cocominos are low-glycaemic, vegan, gluten free and are ideal for stir-fries, sushi, meat and fish, salad dressings or any dish that calls for soy sauce. Due to the way that the sauce is processed, it remains raw and enzymatically alive, making it far healthier for you! Additionally, Coconut aminos have been found to benefit mental health as they contain a protein called inositol which balances certain chemicals in the brain and can reduce instances of depression and anxiety. Some added benefits are that they:

  • Have 65% less sodium than regular soy sauce
  • 100% certified Organic
  • Fat free
  • MSG free
  • Chemical free
  • Nut free

For the foodies that are reading this, you would be familiar with a pivotal ingredient used in most Asian cooking known as soy sauce. Despite soy’s overall yumminess, it could actually be quite unhealthy for you. Research has shown that soy may contain harmful proteins that can create undesirable effects through imbalanced hormone levels. Additionally, most soy beans are genetically modified with various pesticides.

If you’re paleo, vegan or choosing to live soy-free, you’re probably trying to find a sufficient replacement that still encapsulates the same bitterness and sweetness that soy does. Our range of 6 different Cocomino sauces and marinades are organic and handmade with 100% of the profits from all Niulife products going towards running our DME Villageforlife empowerment programs. These equip small communities living in remote villages with everything they need to set up their own independent, sustainable and vibrant local economy.

So if you want to avoid soy, you can still taste the same bitterness and sweetness you’d get from soy but with our Cocominos, here’s some great cooking tips:

  • Use it as a marinade for meat, fish or chicken: combine with garlic, lime juice, honey and vegetable oil
  • Blend it with lime juice to make a deliciously simple dipping sauce!
  • Use it to deepen the flavour of any vegan/vegetarian dish

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