Lifting the lid on Female Empowerment

by Niulife

With fempreneurship on the rise, we are doing our bit to empower women in remote villages to follow their dreams, gain independence, and become a #fempreneur!

Whilst the idyllic remote coastal communities who make our products might be a dreamy #wanderlust destination, they haven’t always provided opportunity for women to pursue their dreams or enjoy the basics we take for granted in life. A lack of access to education and job opportunities has often kept villagers in a cycle of poverty - up until now!

From the beginning, we’ve always been about the empowerment of women as they are instrumental in driving change within their village communities. Our Cocomino sauces are essential to this change. And you make it possible!

Handmade in the Philippines from wild-harvested organic coconut blossom nectar, our Cocominos are carefully fermented with other natural ingredients (such as sea salt, garlic, chilli and onion). The whole range is not only soy and gluten free but truly life changing.

Every bottle is made using hand-picked ingredients and processed by women involved in a number of community and agricultural enterprises. These are made possible by having a little coconut business / cottage industry run from their small family farm. When women are given the opportunity to take control of their income they gain independence and drive change in their community.

This wouldn’t be possible without our business partner in the Philippines who supplies our Cocomino sauces. This family company is headed up by a very talented woman with compassion and foresight. She works with a number of suppliers, small farmers, and organisations which also have women in their leadership roles. The goal is to generate income and employment for communities while maintaining a family friendly work environment. They have a strong focus on fair trade and sustainable development.

The empowerment of women doesn’t stop with the Philippines. In the Solomon Islands, where our Coconut Oil is made, there are a number of women running DME production units. Our DME equipment and processes are gender neutral allowing women to hold key roles in the management and production of our oil as well as being workers on site. In fact, even the disabled and elderly can be involved in coconut oil production and become part of the revitalisation of their communities. So, the empowerment spreads to everyone!

100% of profits from all Niulife products sold - whether sauces, oils, vinegarsdesiccated coconutfloursugar or soap - all go back to our Village for Life program via our charitable foundation. The Niulife Foundation runs programs to help empower women, train coconut oil producers, and engage in a range of other development projects.

Thanks to you, they have a new life! Their income now gives them access to education, healthcare, better housing and other basic necessities which we take for granted.

One little bottle can make a difference, and you make this possible! Find out more about the goodness of our Cocomino sauces here.