Curried Cauliflower Rice with Roasted Sweet Potato, Sauteed Kale & Pine Nuts

by Niulife / Sarah from @scoopitup_


1 cup cauliflower rice (grab some from the supermarket or make your own by coarsely blending cauliflower)

1 tbsp Niulife Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

2 tbsp Niulife Cocomino (Sweet Chilli or Original)

1 cup kale

1/2 cup toasted pine nuts

1/2 cup roasted sweet potato

+ any other veggies of choice

Spices: salt, pepper, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp turmeric, 1 tbsp paprika + chilli if you like spice!



1. Heat a large pan and toss pine nuts with a pinch of salt for a few minutes into golden then set aside

2. In the same pan, add Niulife Extra Virgin Coconut OilNiulife Cocomino and cauliflower rice on medium heat and allow to sauté and warm.

3. Add in your choice of vegetables plus your choice of spices and combine well.

4. Stir every few minutes allowing to warm and soften. Here you can add in some eggs, tofu or chickpeas if you like.

4. After about 5 minutes or when you think it’s ready, add in your roasted pine nuts and combine.

5. Serve immediately!