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Cube Tap

A simple tap fitting for easy pouring from your Cube, that contains 20L Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.   This tap can be fitted to your 20L cube of Virgin Coconut Oil.  The 20L Virgin Coconut Oil in Cube can be found in our e-store, follow...
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Electric Coconut Grater - 240 Volt 50Hz

Electric Coconut Grater (sometimes referred to as an Electric Scraper) for grating coconut. The grater has a 240 Volt, 50 Hertz 0.37kw (0.5 HP) motor with a 14mm shaft. It comes complete with mounting screws and a grating head. (The Grater needs to...
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Coconut Grater Head

The Coconut Grater Head is a replacement head for the Electric Coconut Grater. It mounts over a 14mm shaft with a flat for the grub screw. In factory conditions where the heads are used all day, every day the sheath (which has the cutting teeth)...
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Revolutionizes the way you drink coconut juice! COCOTAP is a patented quality product, made to last from food grade stainless steel 1.6mm tube, professionally milled and hand finished in Australia. It is easily re-sharpened and cleaned and can be...
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Coconut Slicing Knife

 The Coconut Slicing Knife is designed to remove narrow strips of kernel around the edge of the half nut, working inwards to produce a spiral of freed kernel. This page also includes a recipe on how to make your own Coco Fries The knife is...
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Coconut Noodle Maker

The hand-made stainless steel coconut noodle tool makes long thin noodles that are similar in texture to cooked noodles - from 100% fresh coconut. Great for all those who love whole, real and raw food (and those looking for a cool gift for...
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Coconut Hand Scrapers

This coconut scraper can be screwed to a board or stool and used to manually grate your own coconuts   This video explains in simple terms how to use this type of scraper. There are a number of different designs used in Asia and the Pacific, but...